paul dealt harshly with his sin,,,cause he might lose his salvation

1 COR 9;27

Paul buffeted his flesh (Paul dealt harshly with his sin),,,,,,BEACUSE,BECAUSE,BECAUSE ,,,,,,,Paul was afraid, afraid that he might become a castaway

castaway = reprobate…….its the same greek word,,,,,,look it up in BLUELETTERBIBLE

because IS AN IMPORTANT WORD……….why did Paul deal harshly with his sin,,,,,,,,he was afraid that he might lose his salvation

osas is heresy.
it turns the “mighty men” of David (Christ) into weaklings (as weak as women)……..its a homosexual heresy…….osas makes us weak as women………TO WIN THE WAR, WE MUST BE GOD’S MIGHTY MEN!

paul said…… out your salvation with fear and tremblinmg……..but osas denies that

Calvinism, southern Baptists, most Christian radio, many American Christians,,,,,,,,,they’re heresy!……..osas is wrong!


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