WE “WANT” WHAT GOD WANTS we are sons of God

Jesus said……..if you WANT to murder,,,,Jesus counts you as a murderer,,,,,,even if you never murdered,,,,,because you WANTED to murder………God looks at your heart.

If you WANT to do tremendous good works,,,,,,,but you couldn’t,,,,,,God counts you as if you DID TREMENDOUS GOOD WORKS,,,,,,,,because you WANTED to do them

when we were born again from God,,,,,,He changed our spirit (mind),,,,,but our flesh was not changed……..so our Godly spirit (mind) is opposed to our flesh (sin nature),,,,,,,

in the resurrection,,,,,,,,,God will make us completely perfect……we will be delivered from sin completely

God counted Abraham as righteous, because he believed God,,,,,,,and we are Spiritual sons of Abraham……….WE WANT WHAT GOD WANTS,,,,,,,,,,WE HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST……..WE FOLLOW CHRIST…………..even tho we are not yet perfect, God counts us as Righteous.



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