Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor:


Today, America is against Christ. Every move that America makes is antichrist.

America preaches Global Warming lies because the proposed Global Warming Treaty includes a one world government. That one world government will be used to try to murder Christ, Israel, Church, and Bible. Each time the liars have a Global Warming meeting, Christ sends the Gore Effect–record breaking cold temperatures to that location on that day–a great Sign from God.

America opposes School Choice, because every kindergartener must be taught evolution lies to destroy the children’s faith in Christ.

America loves Marxism, national debt, unsustainable entitlements, redistribution, wage and price controls, destruction of the dollar by Quantitative Easing (counterfeiting), and manipulation of the markets—because Christ outlawed stealing. America does all it can to contradict Christ.

The American Church preaches Once Saved Always Saved, Eternal Security, Calvinism, Primitive Baptist Predestination, Southern Baptist, Prosperity Gospel, Replacement Theology, Black Liberation Gospel, Roman Catholic Religion, Psychology, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness—because all these things are antichrist lies.

America loves big government–the bigger the better, because we are moving toward one world government for the Great Antichrist in the Great Tribulation.

America craves to murder Israel. The Roadmap to Peace (Trade Land for Peace) is designed to make Israel much smaller—only 8 miles wide. This will make it easier to murder Israel. The Bible predicts specific events involving Israel in the future. Christ will Return to Israel soon, so America craves to wipe Israel off the map.

America promoted the Arab Spring, to replace the Muslim governments with more Jihad governments—so they would murder Israel sooner.

America is murdering the Church. In the schools and universities, Christ was replaced by evolution lies, 50 years ago. Christ is very patient, waiting for us to repent.

There is plenty of proof that Christ and Bible are true, but facts don’t matter to Christ-haters. Christian nations are rich nations–the good life. Non-Christian nations are the third world, ruined by corruption and poverty. Mexico is ruined by the Roman Catholic religion. The USA was dominated by Bible-belief until she turned against Christ. The Catholic religion is not Bible belief.

America loves mixture of good and evil. God loves Purity. Most religions in America are a mixture of the Gospel and lies. America damns Jesus with faint praise.

All creation revolves around Christ. You are His Bride or you’re not. The Bridegroom is Spiritually intimate with His Bride. His sheep hear His (Spiritual) Voice. Saints have Spiritual eyes and ears. Saints are led by the Holy Spirit. Sinners are led and controlled by evil spirits (demons). America is filled with demoniacs now. Christ commanded His disciples to do 3 things: heal the sick, cast out the demons, and preach the Gospel.

Jesus is the Truth. Believe the Bible and be saved from death.

Dennis Manning

Richlands, NC

Dennis L. Manning

PLS L-3090
Dennis L. Manning Surveying
493 Coston Road, Richlands, NC 28574

EMAIL: dennismanning25@gmail.com
Jesus saves.






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