Some stats for you guys. I will provide some links also.

1) Between 1.5-2.5 million crimes are stopped each year by legal gun owners.

2) 200,000 women stop a sexual attack with a gun each year.

3) Only 8% of those crimes stopped by gun, actually required a criminal to be shot. Most were scared away by the sight of the gun.

4) About 2% of the criminals shot by legal gunowners were a case of mistaken identity, and an innocent was shot. Compare that to 11% of police shootings resulting in an innocent being shot due to mistaken identity.

5) In 2010 almost 2/3 of gun deaths in America were by suicide.

6) The vast majority of homicides by firearm are done in poor urban areas usually associated with gang violence. Not by legal gunowners.

7) In 2010 there were 11,000 homicides by firearm. 90% of those were gang members shooting other gang members.

So I think the stats speak for themselves. Guns help stop more violence than they create. Plus when there is gun violence, the majority is gang members killing other gang members. Not legal gun owners.

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