astounding and delightful symbolism in bible

in the OT,,,,there were many physical, exact, cut and dry rules,,,,,,,,give 10%,,,,,,,rest from physical work on Saturday,,,,,,,,,give a certain exact offering on a certain day,,,,,,,,the Temple was in a certain city,,,,,,,you were a Israelite by physical birth (not voluntary, YOU DIDNT CHOOSE TO BE AN ISRAELITE),,,,,,,,we fought physical enemies (PHILISTINES) on a physical battlefield with physical swords,,,,,,etc

in the NT,,,,,,,,,everything is voluntary, freewill, whatever you want to do,,,,,,,,,,give all or none of your money,,,give cheerfully,,,,,,,,we enjoy a SPIRITUAL REST (not physical rest)……..we make offerings as we please,,,,,,,,,,there is no certain city,,,,,,,,you are a saint by voluntary birth (Spiritual birth,,,,,,,,ONLY IF YOU WANT TO)…….we fight SPIRITUAL enemies (demons) on a SPIRITUAL battlefield with SPIRITUAL swords (bibles, WORD OF GOD)……….WE WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH

the OT was just a foreshadow,pattern,foundation,SYMBOLIC SIGN of the NT,,,,,,,,,,the foreshadows increase our faith, and help us understand the NT

The least NT saint is greater than the greatest OT saint (john the Baptist)


do a study of every verse in the bible about TREAD, TRAMPLE, UNDER OUR FEET, WALK, …………

JESUS WALKED ON THE SEA (he trampled the wicked under his feet,,,,,,,,SEA = WHERE THE SINNERS LIVE,,,,,,,FISH = SINNERS,,,,,,,,SAINTS LIVE ON THE LAND,PROMISED LAND,KINGDOM OF GOD,,MOUNTAIN OF GOD,,,,,,,,sinners are low,in the sea,,,,,saints are high,on the land).

Peter was a fisherman, who fished for men(sinners).

demons love watery places (sea, and the bowels,guts of men, )………when Jesus walked on the sea, He was treading over the demons.

The pigs dove into the sea(watery), with the demons inside…………pigs are unclean in the OT.

In the OT, they put their feet on the necks of the conquered kings, before killing them…….WE TRAMPLE SERPENTS(DEMONS) UNDER OUR FEET.

Jesus treads out the vintage,winepress of His wrath……….under his feet……….he pops the grapes (demons,sinners),under his feet, in the endtimes Trib.

“the blood of the grape”

Jesus’ enemies are put under his feet as a footstool.

God promised to give to the Israelites,,,,,,all the land that you put the sole of your foot upon.

God promised victory over the 7 Canaanite nations,,,,,but you must march forward.

much more symbolism in the bible,,,,,,,,extremely astounding and delightful!



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