about a year ago,,,,,,,I commanded healing in Jesus’ Name, by myself, in my office, in private,,,,,,,for my ACID REFLUX, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, KIDNEY DISEASE,

after 3 days, my acid reflux was healed,,,,,,but the others were not healed.

(study THIRD DAY in the bible, victory comes on the THIRD DAY)

months later,,,,,I had been commanding healing (a little) on a weird spot of skin on my forehead, for weeks,,,,,,after a while, ,I noticed it was gone.

weeks ago,,,,,,,,I was having some mouth-teeth pain, while chewing,,,,,,,,,,I thot it was rotten teeth, infection in my gums,bones,,,,,,,fillings had fell out,,,,,some teeth broke,,,,

,,,I commanded healing,for days and weeks,,,,,,,it never got bad enuf to force me to a dentist,,,,,,,,it kept hurting,,,,,,,,I commanded healing,,,,,,,,,,,after a few weeks of that,,,,,,,the pain stopped

so I have had some success in COMMANDING HEALING IN JESUS’ NAME.

WILLIAM LAU says,,,,,,,if you command healing with unbelievers present (so they can see the miracle),,,,,large miracles are more likely

but even when no unbelievers are present, you can sometimes get results




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