9-11.years 1993,1994,2000,2001,2002,2008,2009.SIGNSfromGOD


SIGNS FROM GOD on 1st, 7th, and 8th anniversaries of 9-11-01,,,and REVERSE anniversaries 1st,7th,8th from 9-11-01

[link to http://www.pbs.org]

explorers in Cancuen, Guatemala,,,,,,,,(type of NT BABYLON)
found ancient city in jungle
“place of snakes” (demons)
NO TEMPLES IN CITY,,,,but they controlled the people by CONTROL OF TRADE
Their power was from religion and warfare
They worked in FOOL’S GOLD,,,,,,,,

in revelations, they worship the golden image,,,666,,,,solomon got 666 talents of gold in a year

there were SIGNS (FORESHADOWS) of 9-11-01 on
9-11-1993….NSA ANALYST predicted plane attack
9-11-2000…….found city of snakes in CANCUEN
9-11-01 ,,,,world trade center collapse
9-11-2002……3 signs at ground zero
9-11-2008……..world trade collapse
9-11-2009…..DOW-JONES closed on 9605 …..9605 = 9/11

SIGNS on 1st, 7th, 8th anniversaries of 9-11-01
and reverse 1st,,,7th,,,and 8th anniversaries of 9-11-01

[link to http://www.bible-codes.org]


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