why all the lies? Christ-hatred

my family and neighbors tell whopping lies,
all the time,
national debt,
deficit spending
Ponzi scam social security, medicare, Medicaid, entitlements
counterfeiting a trillion dollars per year at the federal reserve
hyper inflation
hyper taxes
hyper vote buying from targeted voters
forcing employers to pay their employees’ taxes, health care, insurance for injuries,
calling all non-dems racists,
gun control, so only the dem govt will have guns,
teaching evolution lies to all kindergarteners to destroy their faith in Christ,
global warming lies, because the global warming treaty includes a one-world-govt for the great antichrist,
eternal security, once saved always saved, primitive Baptist, Calvinism,
obamacare mark of the beast, rfid chip in your RIGHT hand or forehead,
environmental wacko laws to stop us from developing our land,
they love any thing that weakens+destroys America+israel (christain+jewish nations),
war against Christians, Israel, America, repubs, tea party, employers, businessmen, ………because the saints vote repub,,,,,and sinners vote dem

Truth: both parties are antichrist, but the repub is the lesser of the 2 evils,

dem = communism
repub is less communism and more freedoms,rights

why are they telling all these outrageous lies?……to destroy Christ, saints, jews, America, Israel, bible, righteousness,,,,,,,,,

they love demons
they hate goodness


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