sinai,horeb,sun,moon,Christ,water of the Word, SYMBOLISM!
WILDERNESS OF SIN………sin = moon

in Genesis 1,,,,,,the sun = greater light(rules the day)……..moon = lesser light(rules the night).

saints do their good deeds in the day light……..sinners do their shameful evil works in the dark nite.
Sinai = moon?
horeb = sun?


in Genesis, Joseph had a dream…….the sun, moon, stars bowed down to Joseph….
the sun = joseph’s dad,
the moon = joseph’s mom
stars = joseph’s siblings

so, the moon = woman,
sun = man

eve (and the NT church) was deceived by satan’s lie.
adam (Christ figure) was NOT deceived by satan’s lie.
Jesus is the second+last adam.

in Genesis 3, God judged eve(eve craves to follow adam’s leadership)……just as the NT church craves to follow her Bridegroom’s leadership………mankind cant be trusted to be faithful, but God is ALWAYS FAITHFUL, so it is GOOD that God makes us crave to follow His Leadership. PRAISE CHRIST!

men (like me) are part of the Church… in that context, we men are feminine , so men like me crave to follow the leadership of Christ………..we are the bride,He is the Bridegroom
horeb and mt sinai are the same mountain……in (Saudi) Arabia (read Galatians).

the Law of God (GOD’S WORD) was given at mt Sinai……….water (living water, the water of the word) flowed from horeb………….water in the desert!

we are walking thru a spiritual desert…….drinking from the water of the word,,,,,from horeb

the NAME of the mountain was changed from Sinai (moon, sin) to horeb (sun, light, Christ) when we drank from that Rock called Christ!

in the bible, there are several places where God, Law, Gospel, etc are favorably compared to the Sun.


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