disciples are like Rabbi, when fully trained. PRAISE CHRIST!

Jesus told the wicked Pharisees………”you are (spiritual) sons of satan, because you do the evil works of satan”

if you do the works of karl marx,,,,,,marx is your (spiritual) father.

Jesus told us,,,,,when we disciples are fully trained, we will be like (but not better than) Jesus, our Rabbi.

so we should be doing the good works of Jesus, just as He did them,,,,,,,if we are disciples of Christ.

He healed the sick by commanding, He cast out demons, He preached the Gospel to the poor, He set the spiritual captives free, He healed the broken hearted


Isa 9……..the Child,Son shall be called EVERLASTING “FATHER”……….THE SON IS THE FATHER…….the 3 are 1……HOLY TRINITY


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