big business want lots of cheap labor = amnesty

businesses pay the Repubs to legalize illegal immigration,,,,,,,so that millions of uneducated,illiterate,lowskilled,poor, people can be hired at low wages,,,,,,,,,,

too many workers for the number of jobs = low wages for all workers in that group.

businesses make profits hiring low wage, hard working workers……….the workers work hard to keep their job…….too many workers available for each job(that keeps wages low)

repubs cant win the election without big campaign donations……..little people don’t make large donations…….but big business can write the big checks

dems cant win the election without buying millions of votes from the dems with taxdollars (social security, medicare, Medicaid, entitlements, food stamps, unemployment checks).

so repubs buy the election with BIG BUSINESS DONATIONS………..
dems buy the election with TAXDOLLARS,entitlements,gifts,,,and govt charities .

dems are more antichrist,,,,,,so the big cities vote dem……….
big cities are more antichrist than the rural areas

it would be FAR MORE LOVING to tell the immigrants the TRUTH,,,,,,,,,that the third world (mexico) is poor,uneducated because they have the wrong god,,,,,,,,,,,(mexico has the rcc jesus,,,,,,,MEXICO SHOULD HAVE THE BIBLE JESUS).



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