all creation, all souls, all everything and everybody,,,including time,,,,,revolves around the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Christ stopped Paul as Paul headed toward damascas to arrest more saints………Christ asked Paul “WHY DO YOU PERSECUTE ME?”…….

paul was persecuting saints, not Christ……BUT no, Christ said, PAUL WAS PERSECUTING CHRIST.

ITS ALL ABOUT CHRIST…….because Christ owns us all , and He owns everything.
When we persecute the saints, it is really Christ that we are persecuting, because we are persecuting the Owner. The world hates saints because the world hates Christ…….its all about Christ.

creation was 4000 years before the birth of Christ……Eternity future (a timeless endless Now) is 4000 years after the birth of Christ.

from creation to Abraham = 2000 years.
from Abraham to david/Solomon = 1000 years.
from david to Christ = 1000 years.
Christ = center of time.
from Christ to the Trib = 2000 years.
after the Trib,,,,,1000 years of the MILLENNIAL REIGHN OF CHRIST.
after the Millennium, an ENDLESS DAY (THE SINLESS ETERNITY FUTURE)…….(a day is as a thousand years, so this “Day” is counted as a thousand years).

so it is 4000 years before Christ,,,,,and 4000 years after Christ.

Christ became sin. How? by miracle,,,by the authority of His Word………He nailed sin to the Cross and defeated sin………so Christ will enjoy a sinless eternity with the saints.


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