proof of the Scripture is the Scripture itself
the golden age of Israel was under david/Solomon………Israel was rich, powerful, subdued all her enemies,,,,,,people came from the ends of the earth to hear Solomon’s wisdom

but later, Israel was wicked,apiostate, and went into captivity in Babylon,,,,,,,it was shocking to the jews HOW FAR THEY HAD FALLEN!……..poverty, slave labor, theft of all they had owned, the temple was destroyed,,,,,,,,,,later, they wrote of their captivity in Babylon, caused by their sin,,,,,,,,,MY POINT IS,,,,THEY CONFESSED THEIR SIN,,,,,,WE HAVE THEIR WRITTEN CONFESSION OF SIN, LOSS, CAPTIVITY, CONTRITION, REPENTANCE, RESTORATION,,,,,,,later their messiah came, and saved them from their sins,,,,,,,

this is a great PROOF of JESUS, ISRAEL, TEMPLE, CAPTIVITY, MESSIAH, CHURCH, ,,,,,,,,,,Solomon’s temple DID exist,,,,,,,lots of evidence that the Scripture is an accurate history

if these events never happened,,,,,,how did all this scripture get written?…….and why did the jews invent all this re-written history?

Truth:…….the Scripture is true

faith comes by hearing the WORD OF GOD!


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