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9-11-2001 World Trade Center Collapsed, (911 twin towers)
9-11-2008 World Trade Collapsed (theevents of week of Sept 7-14, Bush saved the world’s banks with 700 billion dollars TARP money),
700 billion is God’s number, 7
9-29-2008 DOW-JONES fell 777.7 points, major Sign from God, the greatest ever one-day point drop in Dow-Jones, DJIA
on 9-29-08 Jewish New Years Day,,,it was the 1st day of Jewish year 5769 ,,during the Christian year 2008
5769 + 2008 = 7777,,,,major Sign from God, on the day that the Dow-Jones fell 777.7 points, on 9-29-2008
The Dow-Jones closed at 9605 on 9-11-01 tuesday, 9-10-01 monday, and 9-07-01 friday, and 9-11-09.
9605 = 9(605) = 9(6+0+5) = 9(11) = 9/11/01 = date of disaster.
So, God closed the Dow-Jones on 9-11 points, on the date 9-11 (sept 11)….The Disaster, the 2 days before the Disaster, and exactly 8 years later.
9-11-08 was in the centerpoint of the “FEAST OF TABERNACLES” (on Coombs’ 360 day calendar) , which is a fore-shadow of the 7-year GREAT TRIBULATION.
At the end of the 7-year GREAT TRIBULATION, another WORLD TRADE COLLAPSE will occur,,,,read Revelations chapter 18…Babylon is fallen!, is fallen,
The 7 year period from 9-11-01 to 9-11-08 is a foreshadow of the Tribulation, with a WORLD TRADE COLLAPSE at the end of each.
9-11-1994, Cessna plane flew into White House, 7 years before 9-11-01, a foreshadow of 9-11-01. Frank Corder was the Kamikazee attacker/pilot.
9-11-93, NSA reported a Muslim plan to attack buildings with planes…….Pres. Reagan made Sept 11 the 911 emergency number day.
The last 10 years lowest close for S&P 500 INDEX is 666 in March 2009.
I recommend Dean Coombs, http://www.bible-codes.org. God has validated his ministry with great Signs, Wonders, Miracles, Predictions of the future.
Dean Coombs is a Prophet of God, in Toronto, Canada…….On 9-11-02, the first anniversary of the 9-11 Disaster, there were 3 SIGNS that proved that the 9-11-01 Disaster was a SIGN FROM GOD: The NY State Lottery randomly picked the numbers 9-1-1 as the winning number on 9-11-02. The huge USA Flag at the GROUND ZERO ceremony split in two pieces, horizontally, when the last name of the 3000 deceased was read. On TV, the CNN news anchors remarked how strange and weird that was.
Saddam Hussein died on Dec 29, 2006…… http://www.bible-codes.org/letters-saddam-hang-prophecy.htm
About 3 months before Saddam died, Dean Coombs was reading a bible-code from the Old Testament. The code said that Saddam would die on 12-29-06, by hanging by the neck with a rope, like Haman in the book ESTHER. Dean told this on his web-site, I marked it on my calendar at home, I waited 3 months, and Saddam died on that day, by the predicted method of death! I am eye-witness that Coombs predicted the future by bible-code.
God predicted Saddam’s death-date and method-of-death, to the exact day, 2500 years before it happened, in the Bible (OT), in a hidden bible-code.
In Isaiah, God says that His Fulfilled Prophecies are the proof that He is the only True God. The God of Israel (Jesus) is the only one who can predict the future. No other even attempts to predict the future (they know that they can’t do it). Isaiah 46;9-10.
Each time our USA leaders pressure Israel nation to give away the PROMISED LAND to the Muslims, Christ strikes the USA with a great catastrophe. When Tony Blair (British) pressured Israel, the Disaster struck Britain. ……..As America does to Israel,,,,Christ does to the USA.
Europe and Britain turned against Israel decades ago, and Christ ruined them, with Socialism and Islam.
The USA was super-blessed with FREEDOMS, RIGHTS, Free Enterprise, opportunities, jobs, peace, prosperity, rule of law, lack of corruption (compared to many nations), stable economy/politics/govt, healthcare, education,,,,,because the USA was built on the Christian Bible. To many in the world, the USA was a “Promised Land” of the good life. Thanks to Christ! As we turn from Christ, we lose our freedoms and the “good life”. Our Creator (Christ Jesus) endowed us with certain inalienable rights and freedoms, listed in the Bible, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Our Freedoms of Choice, Conscience, Religion, Speech, Free Press, self-defense, etc,,,,came straight from the Word of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. The nation with the most fundamentalist Bible-belief was the most super-blessed nation—that’s a SIGN FROM GOD.
The non-christian nations (Catholic, Hindu. Buddha, communism, socialism, pagan, Nazi, african, aztec, etc) were ruined+impoverished because they rejected Christ.
In 1987, God told Coombs that most north american churches were calling evil good. So God pulled His Spirit out of those Churches, and the ENDTIMES began.
I recommend JOHN MCTERNAN’s INSIGHTS (blog)….PASTOR CARL HENDERSON in the philipines, ….www.omegamanradio.com
http://www.evangelicaloutreach.org …..WIN WORLEY …..BILL SCHNOEBELEN ….TOM FISCHER on youtube (street healing by commanding)
dennis manning christian blog (wordpress)……….https://dennismann.wordpress.com/
http://www.theelijahchallenge.org …….. …http://www.christian-forum.net/index.php?showtopic=41161&view=findpost&p=440453
From dennis manning, 493 coston road, richlands, nc 28574, phone 910-324-1447 ..Please help me spread this info (not copyrighted)
http://www.defendproclaimthefaith.org/book_update_1008.htm………quoted from JOHN MCTERNAN:
On September 29, the great stock market meltdown of 777 points took place. This day was also the biblical feast of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. This 777-point fall was the greatest yet, and it shook the US market to its core. The next biblical holiday, Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement, takes place ten days after Rosh Hashanah; this ten-day gap between the two holidays is called the “Days of Awe.” During the “Days of Awe,” the world markets began to collapse until, on Yom Kippur, October 9, the market fell 679 points.
During these holidays and the “Days of Awe,” the market lost 2,400 points for a 22 percent loss—the greatest sell-off since the crash of October 1929. On October 9, 2007, the stock market reached its all-time high of 14,164 points. Exactly one year later, the market had lost $8.1 trillion, and some of the largest banks in the country had disappeared.
The next biblical holiday, the Feast of Tabernacles, fell on October 15. On this day, the stock market again fell 737 points for its second-greatest one-day fall in history. On these three biblical holidays, the market fell a total of 2,193 points! The crash that shook America on Rosh Hashanah turned into a world collapse on Yom Kippur. ………unquote
Babylon is the world-wide (spiritual) kingdom of opposition to God…..OT Babylon is the foreshadow of NT Babylon…..The OT physical things and events are foreshadows of the Spiritual doctrines of the NT……..When Christ Returns, Babylon will fall (Revelations 18). Babel means confusion. In Christ, there is Wisdom, Love, Righteousness.


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