The Church is TRADING LAND FOR PEACE, like Israel.

The NT Church is trading land for peace.
The nation Israel is trading land for peace.

In 1991, Pres. Bush, Sr. invented the new idea TRADE LAND FOR PEACE at the middle east peace conference in Madrid Spain.
Christ hates that plan. Christ sends disasters upon the USA when we push that Plan upon Israel.

The physical PROMISED LAND FOR THE NATION ISRAEL is symbolic of the Spiritual KINGDOM OF GOD FOR THE NT CHURCH (bible symbolism).
The Physical = the Spiritual (symbolism).
The OT Passover lamb = the NT Spiritual lamb of God (Jesus).
The stone OT temple = the Spiritual NT Temple (we saints are the Temple of God today).
OT physical warfare = NT Spiritual warfare.
In the OT, the saints fought wicked (physical) men. In the NT, the saints fight (spiritual) demons.

In 1987, most north American Churches were calling evil good. The Church (as a whole) turned apostate. The Church wanted Peace with it’s enemies, so the Church began to give away our PROMISED LAND (our SPIRITUAL KINGDOM OF GOD). We traded LAND FOR PEACE.

Israel gave the Land away, yet it has no Peace. Same for the NT Church.
God promised Israel that He would deliver the enemy into Israel’s hands, when she stepped forward into battle.
The Church is retreating (not stepping forward).
Israel must repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ today. There is no other way to victory.
Jesus said: when Jerusalem calls for Jesus by Name, Christ will return to save Israel from annihilation. This is at the end of the Tribulation.

The Spiritual precedes the physical. The Church began to give away it’s Spiritual Land,,,before the nation Israel began to give away it’s physical land. “NOT BY MIGHT, BUT BY GOD’S SPIRIT”.

I am NOT preaching REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY. Christ has specific and fantastic prophecies for the nation Israel FOREVER IN THE FUTURE. ISRAEL WILL SERVE CHRIST FOREVER IN THE LAND ISRAEL.

The God of Israel is ETERNAL, so the Israel of God is EVERLASTING.


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