Bible says: Babylon will never be rebuilt. ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER is near completion

as per……….the TWIN TOWERS (WORLD TRADE CENTER) had the symbolism of Babylon (the world system of opposition to God).

in the Great Tribulation, the Great Antichrist will use GOVT,TRADE,MILITARY to rule the world. (white house,twin towers,pentagon were the targets of 9-11-01).

9-11-01 had the bible symbolism of CHRIST FELLED BABYLON.

THE ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER replaces the TWIN TOWERS………it will be opened for business in late 2014………the bible says that Babylon will fall and will never be rebuilt……….MY POINT IS: will Christ fell the ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER soon?

the world is re-building (symbolic) Babylon now………..will Christ fell it before it is completed?

I don’t know.


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