Jesus sends the GORE EFFECT to every GLOBAL WARMING EVENT because the global warming treaty includes a ONE WORLD GOVT for the Great Antichrist.

It’s all about Christ!……..the world hates Christ.

The world is trying to take the guns away from americans , because they want to replace America with the ONE WORLD GOVT for the Great Antichrist.

It’s all about Christ!

The 2 great obstacles to the ONE WORLD GOVT is the usa and Israel……the (formerly) Great super-blessed Christian Nation and the Jewish nation.

It’s all about Christ!

200 years ago,,,,USA’s freedoms and rights (BILL OF RIGHTS, etc) were unprecedented……because our Founders were bible-believers, saints,,,,,inspired by Christ.

So Christ super-blessed America.

It’s all about Christ!

Catholic, Communist, hindu, Buddha, socialism, Marxism, African religion, etc…….these are NOT Bible.

The world is ruined by Christ-rejection.

USA was founded on Bible-belief.

The world is fascinated with USA and Israel.

In 1987, God showed DEAN COOMBS that most north American churches were calling evil good,,,,,,,the church (as a whole) has perverted the Gospel,,,,,,,the church has turned antichrist,,,,,,,,,so our enemies (demons, evil spirits, satan) have gained courage to rise up and destroy us.

Our only option is in Christ and Christian Bible.

OT Israel was the foreshadow of the NT Church.

Much astounding symbolisms,foreshadows in the Bible text!

Ask Jesus to open your Spiritual eyes,ears,understanding,revelation.

Repent of all lies, thefts, murders, fornication,lust,pride.

Repentance is absolutely prerequisite to Bible-belief.

dennismanningchristianblog (wordpress)

see also bible-codes org……….DEAN COOMBS is great!

I am dennis manning


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