foreshadows!……..PRAISE CHRIST!…..AMAZING!

All the physical things,persons,etc in the OT,,,,,,are foreshadows of,,,,,all the NT Spiritual Doctrines.
lamb = Lamb.
stone temple = the saints (God lives in us).
physical warfare = Spiritual warfare.
physical metal sword = Spiritual Sword (Bible).
Giant goliath = satan.
OT saints fought wicked men = NT saints fight deadly demons+diseases .
adam = Jesus……..(Jesus is the 2nd adam)
Eve = the Bride,Church.
Saul = great antichrist.
David = Christ.
Godly Solomon = Christ in the millennial reign.
David’s mighty men = NT saints in Spiritual warfare.
Ruth = Bride-church.
Physical beauty of sarah,rebekah,rachel = Spiritual beauty of NT Church-Bride.
Rev12 woman = Eve+Church.
dennismanningchristianblog (wordpress)

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