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Thursday August 7, 2014

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

This is a special Israel alert.

Hamas Is ______________?

What word would you use to describe a murderous group of Jew-hating thugs who encourage children to be suicide bombers and hide behind civilians as they wage war? When Gaza came up yesterday in a press conference, President Obama could only come up with this “stirring” condemnation: “…Hamas acts extraordinarily irresponsibly when it is deliberately siting rocket launchers in population centers.”

Really? Irresponsibly? There are many actions that deserve that adverb. Texting while driving and failing to pay your bills on time are examples of irresponsibility. But storing rockets in schools, firing missiles from mosques and putting bomb belts on children are not merely irresponsible. They are war crimes.

When President Obama is really angry, it is easy to see it and hear it in his voice. Just ask conservatives in Congress, supporters of the Tea Party movement or the “1%”— all of whom have been called greedy, racist extremists and worse by Obama and his spokesmen.

There was no anger displayed by Obama about Hamas and its war crimes. Once again he had a chance to claim the moral high ground on behalf of the U.S., Israel and Judeo-Christian civilization, and once again he refused to do so.

Propaganda War – Part II

Reporters and international observers now pouring into Gaza are expressing shock at the devastation they are finding. Predictably Israel is being presented as the villain responsible for the destruction. Hamas is barely mentioned. When Berlin was reduced to rubble in World War II did the blame go to the U.S. and Britain? Of course not. We had the moral clarity to understand it was Hitler and his aggression that was the cause of the suffering of the people of Berlin.

In a front-page piece in the Washington Post this morning, it is reported that “airstrikes and shelling have wrecked at least 10,000 houses.” There was no mention of how many homes were booby-trapped by Hamas and had to be detonated, nor how many were hit by the estimated 300 to 500 Hamas missiles that landed on their own territory.

The Post informs us that “80 mosques have been damaged or destroyed.” How many had weapons stored in them? How many were used as command centers? Perhaps just as important – how many of them were led by imams who teach the people of Gaza to hate Christians and Jews and teach their children to be suicide bombers?

There will now be an international effort to rebuild Gaza and help the suffering people there. But if the mosques, houses and schools are repaired while the poison of Hamas is left in place, the people of Gaza will be used again and will suffer again. There must be a complete demilitarization of Gaza, and Hamas must be rooted out. Only then will peace have a chance.

Netanyahu: “This is a Test for the Civilized World”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also had a press conference yesterday. He told reporters that Hamas’s human shield strategy is a test for the civilized world. Here is how he put it: “…[T]his is a testing period now. Can a terrorist organization fire thousands of rockets at cities of a democracy? Can a terrorist organization embed itself in civilian areas? Can it dig terror tunnels from civilian areas? Can it do so with impunity because it counts on the victimized country to respond as it must, as any country would, and then be blamed for it? Can we accept a situation in which the terrorists would be exonerated and the victims accused? … The test is for the civilized world itself, how it is able to defend itself.”

Now let’s see if anyone in Washington, D.C., London, Berlin, Paris, Rome and Madrid gets it.

* * * * *

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my thots…….Obama will try to steal my guns and bible,,and give my guns to hamas, the satan-worshippers

allah is a demon masquerading as god






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