I made the connection between Obama and Netanyahu meeting to divide that land of Israel and the first reported case of Ebola in America! The link just leaped off the page at me!

It really does look like the Holy God of Israel is going to soon destroy America for the nonstop pressure to divide Israel and Jerusalem. The nation continues to ignore the Lord’s warnings and pressures Israel to divide the land into a Palestinian state. With Ebola now in the country, the judgment is now at a new level.

I warned that pestilence was coming to America, and on my blog talk radio shows we pray for the protection for all that are part of the ministry. Next Saturday, I am going to open a prayer show just for our health and protection from the pestilence that is now in the land. I strongly urge everyone to join this prayer group. There is NO time left because Ebola is now in America. The pestilence that I warned was coming is NOW here.

Obama has no intention of letting up on dividing Israel, so there is no let-up from the Lord with the judgments.

A prudent man foresees evil and takes action, but those that are foolish walk right into the trouble and are judged. Please be prudent and take action like we will share on my new radio show called God’s Health System and Protection.


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