Every man craves a beautiful perfect loving Bride!


Christ is warning us to repent with His great Signs from God.
Praise Christ!

In Jesus’ Name, I bind and cast out every demon.
In Jesus’ Name, I heal the sick, cast out demons, and preach the Gospel.

The Gospel is……God has provided to us a Savior, to save us from the second death.
The second Adam has saved us from the second death.

In the OT, the saints fought physical enemies (wicked men) on a physical battlefield with physical swords.

In the NT, we saints fight spiritual enemies (demons and sickness) , on the spiritual battlefield, with the Spiritual Sword (God’s Word).

Everything in the OT is a foreshadow of the NT. Collossians 2;16

God did not give us a garden hoe, hammer, tractor, truck, saw,,,,,,God gave us a Sword. We are warriors on the battlefield. Our great enemy is death, which Christ defeated 2000 years ago. Adam died because he sinned. The second Adam died so that we can live.

It’s all about life and death.

God is able to transform us wicked criminals into a beautiful bride suitable for the Perfect Bridegroom.

Adam KNEW Eve. Physical intimacy.
The second Adam KNEW the 5 wise virgins (Spiritual Intimacy). And did NOT KNOW the 5 foolish virgins.
If I am Spiritually intimate with Christ, then I am ready for the Wedding.

Every man craves a beautiful perfect loving Bride!


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