The Kingdom of God is within you…it is our PROMISED LAND..symbolism

“The Kingdom of God is within you”.
The OT saints drove the Phillistines out of the PROMISED LAND (KINGDOM OF GOD).
The NT saints drive the enemy (demons) out of our (Spiritual) PROMISED LAND (KINGDOM OF GOD).
Jesus commanded us to do 3 things:…..”Heal the sick, cast out demons, preach the Gospel”.
I must cast out EVERY ENEMY out of ME,,,,,,the Kingdom of God is within me.
Paul had a “messenger of satan” (demon, evil spirit of infirmity) THORN IN THE FLESH… saints can have demons.
When a person gets saved, he should begin daily spiritual warfare, casting demons out of himself and others. We bind the demons where-ever we go. We break and return all curses sent to us. We break all evil soul-ties.
The Bible is NOT a garden hoe, shovel, or hammer… is a Sword…..we are warriors on the spiritual battlefield.
My born-again spirit is from God…….but the demons are in my flesh……In Jesus’ name, I cast every demon out of me. Stan Madrak
Praise Christ!


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