The OT is a foreshadow of the NT. Collossians 2:16.
The OT Sabbath is a foreshadow of Christ. In the OT, we must enjoy a physical rest on Saturday. In the NT, we must enjoy a Spiritual Rest in Christ. Christ died so that we can live.

In the OT, we must sacrifice the Passover lamb (physical nutrition). In the NT, we must believe on the sacrifice of Christ (Spiritual nutrition). “Christ is our Passover”. 1 Co 5;7.

Jesus is the last Adam. Adam was a foreshadow of Christ. Adam was physical life. Jesus is Spiritual life. 1 Co 15;45.

Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachel were “beautiful” (symbolizing the Spiritual Beauty of the Church, Bride of Christ). Gen 12;11……Gen 26;7….Gen 29;17

Eve was a foreshadow of the Church. Eve was deceived by satan’s lies; Adam was not deceived. 1 Tim 2;14.

Sarah called Abraham Lord. Sarah was a shadow of the Church. Abraham was a shadow of Christ.1 Peter 3;6.

Paul did not allow women to teach, but to be in silence. This is symbolic of Christ and the Church. The Church does NOT teach Christ. Christ teaches the Church. The men in Church are playing the part of Christ, The women are playing the part of the Church. It’s all about symbolism. 1 Tim 2;12.

The woman in Church MUST wear the COVERING (her long beautiful hair). The man in Church must NOT wear the COVERING (the woman’s long beautiful hair). The woman = Church. The man = Christ (in symbolism, like acting in a play). The COVERING = the Beauties of Christ COVERING our sins. The Church (the woman) needs a COVERING for her sins. It would be heresy for Christ (the man) to wear the COVERING because Christ was sinless. It’s all about symbolism. 1 Co 11;15.

The physical warfare in the OT was a foreshadow of the Spiritual warfare in the NT. 2 Co 10;4 1 Tim 1;18.

David = Christ. The NT saints = David’s mighty men, doing mighty exploits for God. Rev 15;2.

The OT Temple = the NT saints (we are the Temple of God). Christ lives in me. We are living stones BUILT TOGETHER into a Temple, a City of God, the Bride of Christ.

David’s enemies (evil men) were put under David’s feet. 1 Kings 5;3 psalm 91;13……..The NT saints will tread upon the serpents (demons,devils) and scorpions (diseases) under their feet. Luke 10;19

God gave to the OT saints every spot of land that the sole of their foot tread upon. But they must march forward. Joshua 1;3………Likewise, God gives the NT saints all the (Spiritual) land that they march upon, as we march forward to drive the demons out of the PROMISED LAND (KINGDOM OF GOD). Christ gives us the victory, but we must “fight the good fight”. 1 Tim 4.

God commanded the OT saints to drive out all the wicked (men) from the PROMISED LAND (KINGDOM OF GOD). Exodus 23;28…….Christ commanded the NT saints to “cast out devils,demons” Mat 10;8.

The PROMISED LAND (physical land) was a foreshadow of the NT Spiritual PROMISED LAND (KINGDOM OF GOD). The NT saints must cast the evil (spirits) out of the Kingdom.
Christ told us ……”The Kingdom is within you”. Luk 17;21.
Christians have demons in their flesh (not in their born-again spirit). Paul had a “messenger of satan (evil spirit of infirmity)…A THORN IN THE FLESH to help keep him from being too proud of the revelations to him. 2 Co 12;7
We must cast demons out of ourselves. Mark 16;17



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