Bible belief brings prosperity to nations. Heresy brings poverty.

When Bible-belief came to Europe (in the Reformation, etc), fantastic things followed……..freedoms, rights, political reforms, orphanages, hospitals, schools, the renaissance, industrial revolution, inventions, medical discoveries, discoveries of americas, and trade/development with other continents ..

When USA was founded on Bible-belief, the same great blessings from Jesus made the usa the lone super-power,,,,,,,super-blessed by Christ.

The non-christian nations have always been in poverty, hardship, oppression, ruin, foolishness, corruption, bribery (compared to Christian nations).

Christian nations are super-blessed.
Non-christian nations are not blessed.

When David and Solomon led Israel to be Godly, God super-blessed Israel, 1000 years before Christ. Israel was rich, powerful, wise at that time.

Repent and believe Jesus today.


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