you require your children to grow and mature

recently, It has dawned on me that the Bible is filled with fantastic supernatural symbolism.
The OT physical things are symbols of Spiritual things in the NT.
I blog about some of it on my blog and youtube.

in the bible, trees = people.

the trees in the garden of eden = people……….GOD TOLD ADAM TO “TEND THE TREES” (MINISTER TO PEOPLE)…….and they are foreshadows of the trees (people) in the NEW JERUSALEM (last 2 chapters of the bible.)

the garden = goshen = tabernacle = promised land = temple = OT israel nation = House of God = Family of God = Marriage = Church = NEW JERUSALEM.

Solomon’s Temple had carvings of TREES, GOURDS, FLOWERS, POMAGRANITES,ETC…………(symbols of the garden of God)……….New Jerusalem.

when we are baby christians,,,,we are mustard seed faith (tiny faith),,,,,,,in the Garden of God,,,,,,growing up to be a giant tree (mature Christian warrior)……..mountain moving faith…………GOD REQUIRES US TO GROW IN FAITH AND MATURITY……..

just as you require your children to grow and mature.


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