3 planes numbers add up to 8888…Jesus number…mystery planes

3 PLANE FLIGHTS………mystery about these planes……..FLIGHT 370 + 17 + 8501 = 8888……..the number for Jesus.

flight 370 vanished.
17 shot down over ukraine in mysterious circumstances.
8501 vanished.

7+370+8501 = 8888……..the number for Jesus.
4 = worldwide.
8 = New Creation (Christ).
See wiki for mayalsia……..that nation is anti-Israel.
Anti-Semitism is all about Christ.
Christ is sending Signs about the endtimes. Christ is warning us to repent. PRAISE CHRIST! He is able to transform us wicked sinners into a beautiful perfect Bride suitable for the LORD JESUS CHRIST!
dennis manning christian blog wordpress
http://www.bible-codes.org………DEAN COOMBS


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