MOON = SIN, SATAN, EVIL, under the Church’s feet

the new moon is not visible.

in Genesis, the sun rules the day……..the moon rules the night.

in Bible symbolism, Sun = God……..

moon = satan.

saints do their good deeds in the daylight ,,,,so people can see the fruit of God’s Spirit, and glorify God.

and the sinners do their evil deeds at night when they are hidden.

occult means hidden.

Collossians 2;16………the NEW MOON ASSEMBLY is a shadow of Christ……… the OT, the NEW MOON ASSEMBLY symbolizes the dis-appearance of satan,evil,sin,,,,,,,,and the victory of Christ over satan.

in the NT, we are not required to practice the OT shadows (passover,sabbath, new moon assembleis, etc)……but we must study the OT shadows to strengthen our faith, understand the NT better, strengthen our zeal, grow and mature Spiritually,

the REV 12 woman is the Church who has the moon (evil,sin,satan,snake) under her feet.



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