oklahoma quakes “red people” stolen land TRADE LAND FOR PEACE jews PROMISED LAND


many quakes in oklahoma lately……..because “oklahoma” means “red people” (native americans)…….God is reminding us that we stole the native’s land from them,,,,,,just like we are trying to steal the Jews’ Land from them using the TRADE LAND FOR PEACE plan………Christ is warning us of a great quake,storm,disaster, soon, because of our evil…….Christ is warning us to repent and get saved

Each time we push the TRADE LAND FOR PEACE plan on Israel, a great disaster happens in our nation…….the usa hates Israel because the usa hates Christ

We must restore what we stole from the native americans, Jews and all others………america is evil



3 Responses to “oklahoma quakes “red people” stolen land TRADE LAND FOR PEACE jews PROMISED LAND”

  1. alexcoffman Says:

    I believe this is true.

  2. alexcoffman Says:

    They America Or thee United States of America, Did steal thee land from the Indians or Native Americans, More specifically on this subject or topic. The whole state of Oklahoma was taken, stolen, or seized from them the rightful land owners. The U.S.A. or America should give the land back. Or at least consider giving back some of the stolen land, You know a certain percentage or portion of it at least.

  3. alexcoffman Says:

    America or the United States Of America did steal Oklahoma from it’s rightful owners. The Indians or the Native Americans are it’s true and rightful owners.

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