come out of Babylon, fill your flask with the Spirit, Rapture-ready saints, some stay in Babylon

In Revelations, Jesus called to us,,,,,,”Come out of Babylon , My people”……..In the OT, the Jews (Church) spent 70 years in captivity in Babylon,,,,,,,Cyrus (Christ) conquered Babylon and sent the Jews (Church) back home to rebuild the Temple(the saints are the Temple,,,,the Kingdom is within you)……..only a few Jews (christians) returned to Jerusalem to rebuild……..most Jews stayed in Babylon……..this is a foreshadow of TODAY……Christ is calling us out of NT Babylon (world system of opposition to God), to rebuild the Temple (the Temple is us)……..Only a few saints are purifying themselves, consecrating themselves to rebuilding the Spiritual Temple (the Temple is me and you),,,,,Christ wants to live in us…….the Second Coming is soon, when Christ will suddenly appear in His Temple……..Only the 5 wise virgins are ready……..the 5 foolish virgins will suffer in the Trib…….we are anointed with the Spirit of Jesus, we are the Light of the world. The Spiritual Shekinah Glory is upon us. Praise Christ!


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