We must SUFFER for Christ. Jesus said that Paul would SUFFER. Jesus said that the Bride (the disciples) does not fast while she is with the Bridegroom (Jesus), but the disciples would fast when the Groom is taken away from her. Christ was made perfect through SUFFERing. “The SUFFERings of this life are not to be compared to the glories which will follow”. Effective prayer is not easy; it is hard work and SUFFERing. Our goods are plundered by sinners. We give to the poor, heal the sick, cast out demons, and preach the Gospel. God told Eve, “the woman (Church) will SUFFER great pain in childbirth” (making converts). Moses SUFFERed with the rebellious Israelites. Joshua led a great Conquest to obtain the Kingdom of God. We are promised all the (Spiritual) Land that we tread upon, but we must step forward with trembling. Paul preached the Gospel with trembling and the demonstration of the Power of God. We must study to be approved by God. We must work to feed our families (1 Timothy 5;8). We obtain food “by the sweat of our face”, fighting thorns, thistles, and the enemy (demons) . We are mocked. We bless those who curse us. We cast out demons. We break curses and evil soul ties. The Man from Modesto famously said “Pray or be defeated”.
The disciples carried no money, food, or sword before Christ’s death,,,,,but after Christ’s death, He said “Sell your shirt and buy a sword”. The time of danger, suffering, fasting, work, martyrdom, began when Christ died and left us to do the work.
Why all this SUFFERing?……..Christ knows how much we crave Him+ Love+ Righteousness, when He sees us SUFFER and WORK for it. He is TESTing our faith (Genesis 22;1-12). God TESTed Abraham’s faith. Praise Christ!


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