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1. In the Old Testament, God required perfect sacrifices, not spotted or halt or lame animals for sacrifice. Today, we are living sacrifices Rom 12:1-2, so–if he requires perfect sacrifices, then it is up to him to perfect the sacrifice–He perfects that which concerns me. Ps 138:8. …lest that which is lame be turned out of the way, but let it rather be healed (more literally, heal it). Heb 12:13 God wants all to be saved, right? then by default, he wants all to be living sacrifices. Then, if that’s true, and it is, then he wants all to be perfect, not just spiritually, but physically, too, and he’s willing to make them that way.
2. No one gets healed until someone does something, or says something about it. Whenever I see someone who obviously needs healing, if I do nothing, then they will go to bed the same as they woke up, in pain, or in sickness or infirmity… unless God finds someone else who will obey his word. Mt 10:8 Heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead and cast out devils… This word became MY word…. it became real to me, not just as something that you read in the Bible, but it was branded on my spirit as a mandate, as the command that it is. This verse is what God used when he told me that unless he gives me a red light, I always have a green light concerning ministering to people.
3. This is a HUGE one which I can only touch on here… I discovered that many of us try to do what is normal in the new creation reality, but we have tried to do it with the old creation mentality. Doubt and unbelief will stall the power of God. So, I took to a process of renewing my mind through meditation and confession of who I am in Christ and who He is in me. Plus, I added to that meditation by forcing my mind to think about healings and miracles actually taking place. I actually started dreaming about it in my sleep.
Once you know who you are in Christ, doing what Christ did and commanded us to do becomes easier and easier. This is an indispensable key to success.
4. I acknowledge and have a good, working understanding that I am in partnership with the Holy Ghost. – Mk 16: 20
All that means is NO formulas, ALL relationship. Develope the ability to hear God say, ‘do this, or say that’ while in the pressure of the moment.
5. I decided to learn from every success AND every failure. i would take each of them to God in prayer and ask about why it worked or why it didn’t work. I built on my experience this way and it minimalized the failures. It keeps the drive up, even in the wake of a failure, to go after it again, to not allow the failure to be the end, to not let the enemy have the last word.
6. It’s a process! I noticed that God wanted me to start out expecting big, but I wanted to start out small… with people who just had a little pain or whatever. But, he wanted to start out with wheelchair cases or sever cases of scoliosis. He’s gracious and let me have my way there… but, now I’m looking for amputees and deaf people, those with twisted bones, etc. It just shows that it does get easier when you stay with it.
There’s so much more I could say… you should consider being on this call coming up on Monday night…
I-John Chamness – Healing/Deliverance Training
Monday, May 18 at 9:00pm
Conferece Call & Streamed.
4 people are going
I-John Chamness – Healing/Deliverance Training
Monday, May 18 at 9:00pm
Conferece Call & Streamed.
4 people are going
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